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Incubator Farm Program at NVF

  • The purpose of the Nettle Valley Farm Incubator Program is to support and help launch beginning regenerative farmers by providing access to collaborators, land, shared equipment, business coaching, low interest microloans, and joint marketing opportunities for 1-3 years.

    • This isn't a job / apprenticeship / internship / commune -- we wish we were that hip but we're not. :) This is a place for you to get experience managing your own business, experiment without a farm mortgage hanging over your head, get a few years of Schedule Fs under your belt, and discern how/where/why you want to farm on your own place in the future.  ​

  • NVF Incubator Farm Program in the media:

  • Niches available:

    • Small ruminants (goats & sheep, some limitations due to a Johne's issue in 2021, contact for more info)​

    • Poultry (broilers, layers, ducks, turkeys, guineas, etc.)

    • Microdairy

    • Medicinal herbs

    • Edible and medicinal mushrooms

    • Plant nursery

    • Seed production

    • Custom forestry and sawmilling (we have a WoodMizer LT10)

    • Educational events (skill school, agritourism, kids programming, etc.)

    • Bring your ideas!

  • Who is the ideal candidate for the incubator farm?

    • Someone who has been through the holistic management goal setting process, Farm Beginnings or equivalent training.

    • Someone who is ready to start managing their own enterprises but not ready or able to buy their own land/equipment yet.

    • Someone who values direct and honest communication and is willing to work through the tough times that every group has with an open heart.

  • What's included in the cost (see below) of the program:

    • Connections to our network and community -- we love to make connections between interesting people doing interesting things. 

    • An off-farm program facilitator

    • Access to infrastructure (barn, storage sheds, hay shed etc.), forest, pasture, pine plantation and tillable ground

    • Electricity and well water

    • Tools: hand tool and power tool library, Earthway seeder, wheel hoe, chainsaws and PPE (if you've had training), irrigation equipment, some fencing materials

    • Opportunity to use equipment like a flatbed trailer, livestock trailer, UTV, etc.

      • Note: we have additional equipment like our farm truck and 50hp tractor. They are crucial to running our farm so while we can't guarantee that we'll lend them out, you can ask us to help you with tasks requiring them. ​

    • Basic business support on how to start an LLC, set up bookkeeping and accounting systems, do business taxes, etc.

    • Regenerative farming library

    • Joint marketing opportunities through the farm’s existing network

    • Opportunities to host/participate in farm events

    • Access to low-interest microloans

    • Surplus wild and cultivated food from the land

  • Requirements:

    • Must commit to using regenerative farming techniques

    • Must create or have an LLC or other formal business structure with comprehensive liability insurance

    • Must provide your own living arrangements.

      • We have a very nice and comfortable tiny house that you could rent for between $400-600 per month depending on a few variables. Contact us for more details!

      • You could also rent a place nearby, camp, bring a small temporary structure/tiny house on wheels (separate process/agreement for this)

    • Must be willing to provide and accept honest feedback and engage in conflict resolution when disagreements inevitably arise.

  • Cost:

    • This will vary depending on what sort of footprint your ag/land based business has, but largely we have found that a work trade of 1 half day (4 hours) per week from March-November (thinning trees, fencing, homestead improvement projects, deliveries, animal chores, etc.) is what works. 

To apply, send us an email

Application Questions (No need to write formally, feel free to record a video if you’d rather do that)

What’s your story?

What enterprise(s) are you interested in starting?

What kinds of ag/practical skills and experience do you have?

What are other gifts/talents/strengths you bring to the table?

What's your strategy for conflict resolution?

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