Finally got a pic of both of us with the
🐽♥️🍎 #pasturedpigs #pasturedpork
Relaxing in the deep shade of the pines..
Cuddle puddle in the sunshine
Into the deep shade of the pines we go! The #pasturedpigs love making little nests in the cool soil,
#stingingnettle #signsofspring
The pigs made short work of a pumpkin! The hunt for free nutrients for them begins.jpg.jpg
I made a pretty! #ditchbouquet
Bacon colored #mysterymushroom
Since I can't sleep... Latergram of one of my neighbor's Simmentals nibbling on multiflora rosehips
Elderberry_ #signsofspring
Oak, elm and boxelder. I have no sense of how much wood we'll need for the dome this winter (not pic
Apple and oak
More boletes in the pines
Bye bye corn field! Broadcasted 2 acres of oats and white Dutch clover
#scutelliniascutellata or #eyelashcup.jpg Other funny names include Molly eye-winker, scarlet elf ca
Welcome cows!! Looking forward to learning about #rotationalgrazing from our neighbors
New #mushies spotted by the woodpile! #mushroomid #shroomatnoon
Roadside #chicory
#reishi friend update_ sporulating!! #shroomatnoon #mushroomlove
#keto starts today! Bring on the butter coffee and mental clarity
A Serendipitous run in at the Mabel gas station led to a load of maple wood chips!! Hurray!
#mysterymushroom #mycology
Seeds Farm, Burtness Farm and New Farm soils
Broadcasted a mix of ALL my old vegetable, herb and flower seeds over about a quarter of an acre
I can't stop taking pictures of oak trees
Sunset at the new land
Time to make some nettle pesto and a tincture for Nick's allergies
One of my favorite views of the oaks and pasture in our little valley